⭐️ 10 Reasons To Buy A Home In Windsor-Essex ⭐️

⭐️ 10 Reasons To Buy A Home In Windsor-Essex ⭐️



While several other areas of Ontario (think GTA and Toronto city) are weathering out high housing prices, in Windsor Essex, this is not necessarily the case.  In fact, purchasing a house in Windsor, is, on average, almost one-third as much as purchasing in Toronto, and comes with the perks of less traffic, shorter commutes, and a richer community atmosphere.  But act quickly: the city is indeed seeing housing prices start to increase. Buy now, using this to your advantage, as you watch your house value continue to increase over the next few years.



Windsor Essex is a border city, sitting on the border of Michigan, and within very close proximity to Detroit – simply take a bridge over the water! A bumping American hotspot, that is currently undergoing major city upgrades and modernization, there is lots to enjoy in this hockey-passionate metropolis. Whether you want to take in a sports game, go to the shopping district, or just make a day of it as you go spend some time in the city, there is certainly fun to be had just a short jaunt across the border!



If you are committed to the buy local movement, helping to sustain Planet Earth, and promoting hometown farmers and their agricultural achievements, Windsor Essex is a great place to be. The town is committed to its farmers and the agricultural contribution to the county’s economy, and as such, its residents are too. The result is local farms for you to tour with your children, farm fresh produce available at roadside stands and the farmers market, and a progressive cultural tendency towards encouraging sustainability, self-sufficiency and reducing agricultural mass production. Try any of the fresh produce from our farmers and you’ll quickly understand why this is what we’re all about!


Given the geographical location of Windsor Essex as a border city, there is more cultural diversity and exposure here than in other areas of Ontario.  Not only is this encouraging from a social standpoint – meeting new people and enjoying friendships with people of other cultures – but also because it means there is twice as much entertainment, unique food and cultural experiences.  Living in a diverse city enriches your social interactions, helps educate and teach your children about acceptance and difference, and also can offer a great lesson in history, and delicious new cuisines for you to try!



In 2017, LaSalle – one of the towns within Essex County – was ranked by MoneySense magazine as the 8th best place to live in Ontario. The rating was determined based on several factors, but the important contributing factors for LaSalle were its low rate of crime, high wealth and income, and affordability of housing.



From the impressive selection of parks and green spaces, to Lake St. Clair being at your doorstep, Windsor Essex County is a great place to raise a family.  Couple this with the amazing array of diversity and culture that the city offers, not to mention the high standard schools, and there’s more than one reason to stay!



Whether you move to Windsor Essex to be close to the city of Detroit or Windsor, or simply get away from the big city of Toronto, Windsor and its surrounding areas offer a happy medium of city and country. Being within the vicinity of a city is great for work and entertainment, but drive less than an hour outside of busy suburbs and office buildings, and you can take in the countryside, visiting farms and enjoying wide-open green space!




Talking about the weather in Windsor Essex is not about making small talk - it’s about being honest. Because here’s the thing: with its proximity to the Great Lakes and its more southern location compared to other parts of Ontario, Windsor Essex is more climatically friendly than the rest of Canada. The winters aren’t as harsh and prolonged, summer lingers a little longer, and the winter temperature extremes aren’t as dramatic. If you’re not a winter weather person, these benefits alone may make it worth the move!



Top of mind for most people when it comes to buying a house is employment options in surrounding areas.  You can put your mind at ease when it comes to buying in Windsor Essex County, as there are lots of employment opportunities within the county.  As mentioned above, there are great opportunities within agriculture, but also with the large educational and training sector within the city. The University of Windsor and other schools and colleges offer work prospects in teaching, research, administration and further education.  In addition, Windsor Essex was named one of the top seven Most Intelligent Communities, offering promise for development and growth within the county, and the jobs to follow as a result.



Ask anybody who visits Windsor Essex county, and you’ll likely hear them gush about the green space, parks, lakeside views, and the chance to be part of a landscape that is filled with “natural wonders.” Home to Point Pelee National Park, several conservation areas and hundreds of kilometers of trails, there is something for everyone when it comes to the great outdoors in Windsor Essex.  Furthermore, the beaches and bays make it a treat in the hot weather of summer, and as a family, you can get involved in the community with the regularly scheduled outdoor activities and events.


Now that you are convinced Windsor Essex is the place to be and the place to stay, give us a call! Let us help you find the perfect house in your new perfect town.